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Boys Golf - Mon, May. 16, 2011

The annual end-of-the-year athletic sports banquet was hosted by Gainesville High School in May at the Gainesville Civic Center.


Coaches in each boys and girls sports acknowledged each athlete that played through the good times and the bad this season and at the end of their recognition, awarded at least two athletes in their respective sport with either the Leopard Pride or Most Valuable Player award.

Prior to the award proceedings, Gainesville Athletic Booster Club spokesperson Doug Wade announced four recipients of this year's GABC Athletic Scholarships.

In year's past the booster club usually awards two athletes with scholarships, but because of superior fundraising in 2010 and 2011, they were able to hand out four scholarships totaling $3000.

Shelly Reynolds and Cody Welch were chosen to receive a $1000 toward their future education each while the $500 awards went Patrick Westbrook and Dakota Nichols.

Receiving the annual Brad Baugh Award for Determination was Welch, who battled through injuries all season long in football, basketball and baseball, yet remained determined to play as much as possible and also excelled in the classroom.

Individual awards for each sport are as follows:

Boys Cross Country — MVP: Gio Carranza; Leopard Pride: Ervin and Richard Bean.

Girls Cross Country — MVP: Sharon Kirk; Leopard Pride: Cristal Llanas.

Football — MVP: Kenyon Morgan and Kielyn Lewis; Leopard Pride: Dakota Nichols and Patrick Westbrook.

Volleyball — MVP: Bailey Mims; Leopard Pride: Shelly Reynolds and Paola Vazquez.

Boys Basketball — MVP: Harold Wills and Kielyn Lewis; Leopard Pride: Cody Welch and Patrick Westbrook.

Girls Basketball — MVP: Ariannah Kemp; Leopard Pride: Annette Kirk and Skyle-Lynn Ferch.

Powerlifting — MVP: Kenyon Morgan; Leopard Pride: J.D. Long.

Boys Soccer — Offensive Player of the Year: Gio Carranza; Defensive Player of the Year: Evy Puente.

Girls Soccer — MVP: Marisol Chavez; Leopard Pride: Jacqueline Franco; Offensive Player of the Year: Whytneigh Duffie; Defensive Player of the Year: Amanda Eddowes.

Baseball — MVP: Dakota Nichols and Cason Presson; Leopard Pride: Tony Carter.

Softball — MVP: Megan Gonzales; Leopard Pride: Sarah Gerken.

Boys Track — MVP: Kielyn Lewis; Leopard Pride: Meritt Banks.

Girls Track — MVP: Gionna Scott; Leopard Pride: Sharon Kirk and Cristal Llanas.

Boys Golf — MVP: Hwang Jae Yoon and Hyung Ju Yoon.

Girls Golf — MVP: Morgan Moore.

Boys Tennis — MVP: Chris Harrison; Leopard Pride: Fernando Serrano.

Girls Tennis — MVP: Madison Merrifield; Leopard Pride: Pamela Boeko.

Cheerleaders — Leopard Pride: Alicia Akin.

Electric Red Drill Team — Leopard Pride: Ashlyn Lorne.

(From the Gainesville Daily Register)